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We Are the #1 Cleaning Service for Reaching Your Every Need.

In any home or building, germs and dirt are likely to build up over time. Whilst most cleaning duties can be completed yourself, many will require professional attention. Why not let us step in?

Years Experience

At REACH Cleaning we specialize in cleaning and disinfecting those pesky places that you cannot reach, as well as everyday maintenance. As a family-run company, we are able to fully focus our energy on providing you with the very best service. Our attention to detail is evident as we have many 5-star reviews already under our belt.

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We offer a wide array of services
Why Reach Cleaning?

We can provide expert cleaning results every time

Though there are many cleaning companies based in Canada, they often use traditional cleaning methods. We use equipment and machinery that is closer to industry standard for expert cleaning results.

Our REACH professionals are:

  • Efficient & Thorough
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Professional Management
  • Friendly Staff
  • Service Guarantees

Expert Cleaning Service You Can Trust.

Full Transparency

How do you know that we have cleared out your eavestrough perfectly? We provide real-time progress photos and video, as well as before and after photos every time.


Here's What Our Client Are Saying About Our Work

Top quality cleaning for any property

20 + Years Of Professional Janitorial And House Cleaning

Sure, there are many cleaning companies out there, but which ones can you trust to do a stellar job? Our team have decades of experience for internal house and apartment cleaning, for a guaranteed professional result.

Could our services help you out? Whether you need some help to spruce up your home, or you own a business that is in need of some maintenance, we’d be happy to help. Reach Cleaning is equipped for working with many different property types, including warehouses and factories, school gymnasiums, lofts, retail and event venues. Our industry leading equipment is specialized in high level dusting and high level combustible dust removal. Our world class carbon fibre cleaning poles and accessories are the best in the industry, hence there are not many cleaning companies like us. Reach Cleaning is ready to help you by Reaching Your Every Need.